09 May 2000


Driving back from London we had Kia in the back seat. To pass the time, we were playing "I spy". Kia doesn't yet spell reliably, so we had to use letter sounds instead of letters - "cuh for car" and "sss for sky", etc.
"I spy, with my lickle eye, sumfink beginning with Eh", said Kia.
J: "Empty cup?"
K: "No."
F: "Egg?"
K: "No. Give up?"
F: "Alright; give up - what do you spy?"
K: "A ellybunce!"
J (in driving seat and unable to hear properly): "An elephant????????"
K: "No - a ELLYBUNCE!"
F: "What's an ellybunce?"
K: "It's ... it's like a police car ... but you put your neighbours in it when they collapse."
(We look around ... ahead of us, sure enough, is an ambulance)
J: "Oh! I see - an ambulance!"
K (annoyed): "That's what I said – a ellybunce."
F: "What's this about neighbours, Kia? Did your neighbour collapse?"
K: "Yes. And they put her in a ellybunce."
J: "Oh dear ... is she alright now?"
K: "I don't know. She never came back. I spy, with my lickle eye, sumfink beginning with ... buh."

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