12 May 2006

You are what you eat...

I have a scientist's insatiably nosey curiosity about everything, and the shopping habits of others fascinate me.

Ahead of me in the supermarket queue today were three young women whose trolley contained a hundred bottles of WKD blue vodka and four cans of Stella Artois lager. That's it - nowt else. Preparations for a party, perhaps; I hoped that there were more than the three of them to absorb all that vodka, and wondered if the Stella was for their designated driver.

In the trolley of an elderly couple behind me were eighty one geranium seedlings (in nine trays of nine) and eighty one jars of jalfrezi flavour "ready to cook" sauce (neatly stacked in twenty seven towers of three). Again, nothing else. Which brings new meaning to the expressions "eat your greens" and "balanced meal".

I shan't say what was in my own trolley, in case it seems equally strange to other eyes...

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