19 July 2006


Well ... I didn't really expect the world to take any notice of my "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil" manifesto two weeks ago, but I didn't expect such immediate and spectacular demonstration of my irrelevance. Not only are Isra'eli armed forces tearing both Gaza and Lebanon apart, but the rest of the world is humming quietly to itself and looking at the ceiling.

One Isra'eli soldier kidnapped in Gaza, two in southern Lebanon. Dozens of Isra'eli soldiers killed in the subsequent fury, not to mention civilians on both sides, and no sign of recovering the three kidnapped.

Whatever happens, the outcome is already clear: the kidnappers, proving by that they can pull their enemy's tail any time they want, and by so easily inducing that enemy "to become like a crazy player in the game"[1], have already won.

[1]Reuven Pedatzur, University of Tel Aviv. Quoted by Donald Macintyre in "Missiles rain down as Israel slides to war", The Independent on Sunday, London, 16 July 2006.

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