19 June 2007

Free will, where art thou?

I am still mulling over my response to the completion of Dr C's epic series on information and free will.

I have to say that it mostly concerns my own "long dark teatime of the soul"* response as I sort out how an atheist faces his own version of the believer's loss of faith.

When a believer asks me "if there is no God, what is there to make people behave morally?" I have no difficulty at all: the answer is "if there is no god, then we each have to take responsibility for acting morally, instead of blaming it all on him". That becomes problematic once I admit that perhaps I have no free will.

I promise I'll be back, Dr C - but it may be a week or so, and the results may be tedious reading.

*Douglas Adams. The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul. London, 1988, Heinemann.

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