29 June 2007

Polaris, Lakshmi and McDevitt

A couple of days ago Lakshmi, pseudonym for a fourteen year old school student, posted a remarkable entry, "Polaris and me", on the Scientific Computing World education site blog. Novels from science fiction author Jack McDevitt featured prominently in the post. I first heard of McDevitt in another post on the same site, read the book concerned (Seeker) and commented in here on the humanity I found there.

As facilitator of the SCW Education site, I notified Mr McDevitt of Lakshmi's post as a courtesy. I didn't expect any response; I was fairly sure that my email would not even be read. I have trouble keeping up with mail from people I know, never mind that from strangers - and I'm not a successful popular author. But I was wrong. McDevitt's reponse, yesterday, reinforced the impression left with me by Seeker. I now like him even more.

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