11 August 2007

A sense of place

I am always fascinated and awed by the capacity of some writers to evoke a powerful sense of place. It's a talent I lack, and envy.

Martin Cruz Smith, I am told, spent only a fortnight in Moscow before writing Gorki Park; but that novel is utterly convincing in its depiction of a city as I used to know it.

I've just read Joanne Harris's Coastliners., which is where this train of thought started. I have no idea, never having lived on one myself, whether her description of life on a small French island is true to life; but it is certainly utterly convincing. My first Harris novel was Five Quarters of the Orange; that too was evocative and convincing, enough so to propel me on through the rest of her work. Holy Fools, I feel, didn't work so well; but nobody is perfect.

Fiction is a country in its own right, and doesn't have to correspond with physical realities; to be internally convincing and consistent is the thing, and Harris pulls it off powerfully.

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