30 September 2007

Travelling from Frome

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig. Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge, Avoncliff, reverse order...

It was a really great night. (This is a follow on to Travelling to Frome - please, do try to keep up!)

Trepidation not necessary; no baggage, no feelings of obligation to the past, just a really good show. She can still belt it out with all the same old energy as ever: wonderful.

Beautiful People was there, along with other flower power favourites, but that's OK; so were the harder edges, and besides - the hippy flower power thing is part of the story. Her son is an amazing guitar player, and his solos were an unexpected jam on the pudding as was the interaction between them. Most of all, though, she is a consummate performer. She can also be very funny, by turns - her debunking of her own Brand New Key (also better known as "The Roller Skate Song") had everyone in stitches, me included.

I'm very glad I went. It was great to be there. I was sorry when it ended. (Barbara: thank you!)

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