14 December 2007

Searching for baseball in the moral gravity well

It's curious how interest is aroused when none was.

I have little interest in watching sport. I can enjoy a one off game of (for example) soccer, as a balletic performance, but can never manage to care overmuch who wins or even what teams are involved. I enjoyed playing baseball in my middle school years, though cricket never grabbed me; but I can enjoy sitting and watching neither.

The Mitchell report drifted into, vaguely across, and then out of, the outer orbits of my mind. The only fleeting ripple which it caused was vague curiosity that a sport so important to such a rich and powerful society should only now be getting serious strategic attention to its drugs problem.

Then I read last night's Thinking Through My Fingers where, quite understandably, the Mitchell report was given less cursory attention. Once my attention had been caught, the report was sucked back int my mental space by the altered gravity field and I found myself entangled by the moral case which being made. It's a moral case which isn't limited to baseball; it applies to every area of life.

So now, trying to educate myself about this particular manifestation of a general moral question, I find myself deep in AskSam's searchable database version of the Mitchell report (AskSam is a superb tool, but you don't need the program itself to use this online reference) ... reading about, of all the unlikely things, baseball players...

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