25 March 2008

The postscript to Yonwood

Regarding my third post in the set on Jeanne DuPrau's novels for imminent adults (Ember, Sparks and Yonwood), I have had several emails pointing out that Yonwood is not the final volume of a trilogy but the penultimate in a quartet.

I have to put up my hand and sheepishly admit to being lazy, to put it kindly. Negligent is probably a better word. On Ms DuPrau's own website , in her publisher's forward catalogue, and on several third party sites only a mouse click away, the forthcoming publication is clearly mentioned. Shame on me.

The first correction came from the author - though it didn't feel at all like a correction, since her manner displays all the open hearted generosity of spirit which is evident in her books. Then, in a rush over last night (my blog is obviously kept for Monday evening reading!), came a flurry of others - thank you, all.

So, to put the record straight: in Autumn of this year, a "fourth and final book of Ember" is due, under the title The diamond of Darkhold. Those who have (I'm flattered to hear) gone out and bought the story so far on my recommendation: put a note in your diary.

There is, of course, also a film of Ember, also due out in the Autumn of this year, and which I have also failed to mention. I have promised to go and see it with Cameron, who first introduced me to the book.

Addendum for other sad gits who share my tendency to over-philosophise when they should be smelling the flowers ...

I am still musing on whether the result will be a "quartet". Since the new volume will return to the same characters and time frame as Ember and Sparks, forming a third continuation in sequential time from the other two, I feel inclined to call it a trilogy plus precursor. On the other hand, Lawrence Durrell's "Alexandria quartet" comprises three coeval stories and one which follows them in time - and nobody calls that a trilogy plus successor. Who am I to argue with Durrell? So, I shall bow gracefully and refer henceforth to the "Ember quartet".

  • DuPrau, Jeanne, The diamond of Darkhold. 2008, New York: Random House Children's Books.ISBN: 9780375855719 (hbk), 9780375855726 (pbk).

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