26 April 2008

Sue's colours

As I mentioned in passing, about six or seven weeks ago, I've been lucky enough over the past few months to be granted access to the development journal of artist Sue Bamford as she works on a memory theme.

One of the recent pages from that notebook particularly intrigued me. It shows, in oil pastel swatches, a detailed and profusely annotated comparison between landscape palettes.

"...this page ... was really the first idea which came to me when pondering possibilities. ... ... ... When I remembered my trips to the Caribbean and Connemara, what struck me most was the differences in mood and colours between them ... Hence the page developed..."[1]

The page is, for me, an impressive work of art and act of memory in itself. It's shown in miniature on the left. Click it for a larger view


[1] Sue Bamford, unpublished correspondence, 2008.

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