10 August 2008

ISBN number formats and simplified footnoting

I've been dithering for some time over the issue of ten and thirteen digit ISBNs, when referencing books. Thus far, I've stuck to ten digit ones, but that's clearly not sustainable forever.

As of today, I've decided on the following – for the time being, at least.

Where an older book or its publisher give only the ten digit form, I will use that. Where both are given, I will give the ISBN in the form:


Except when I forget, of course, in which case I will do something different...

While I'm at it, I may as well mention a change which has already occurred unannounced. Since a comment from Jim Putnam prompted me to consider my use of footnotes in blog posts, I've come to feel that my superscripted bibliographic footnote numbers are excessive and restrictive. So, I've switched to alphabetic book references by author surname, and dropped the superscripts. Reference content remains unchanged apart from the two modifications mentioned above.

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