10 August 2008

Life writing

Over at Unreal Nature, under the post title "Life Writing", the alarmingly productive Ms Heyward offers an achingly beautiful text segment (extracted from Annie Dillard’s The Writing Life which I shall now have toput on my "to get hold of" list) about a disembodied chess game in a library. Or perhaps it's about something else entirely. Whatever it's about, it's to die for: go and read it.

I have come to the conclusion that Julie Heyward is not one person at all but a team of at least five - none of whom ever sleep. There is no other way to account for the sheer volume of reading, writing, PhotoShopping and wilderness dog walking which she packs into a day.

Inspirational. One day I am going to kill Julie Heyward.


Julie Heyward said...

Qui ... moi?

[slicing the air with my razor sharp rapier *swish, swish, swish*]

Felix Grant said...

Si ... toi!

All five of you...