15 August 2008

Mea culpa

A public apology seems called for.

In "A life more ordinary", I was guilty of an inadvertent carelessness with words which made the third point seem like an ad hominem attack. I responded to a first person construct with another ("...your life...) instead of the more abstract one ("...our lives...", or "one's life...") which my intent required. I regret this more than I can say, and apologise without reservation.

At a personal level, I also deeply regret having thus treated someone whose intellect and views (regardless of our agreement or disagreement) I respect and admire. Because of my carelessness I was (in her own words) "unkind and unfair".

Comment from another person whose opinion I also respect, making reference to relative "safety" of backgrounds, underlines the fact that my mistake was complete and not marginal.

I've dithered over whether to change the relevant post ... but, despite the provisionality of history, this seems to me like a dishonest and cowardly way out. I would have to also remove the comment drawing attention to it. Better, I've decided, to leave the evidence of my guilt on the record. I will be guided, though, by any arguments the other way from the person directly affected.

To be absolutely explicit: I'm sorry.


Julie Heyward said...

Felix. This was not necessary. However, having been offered, your apology is accepted with thanks.

[And don't think I didn't notice "... despite the provisionality... ". I was SO ready to pounce (for those wondering "history" is an ongoing ...issue... between Felix and me)]

Felix Grant said...

JH> This was not necessary.

I disagree; I think it was.

JH> However, having been offered,
JH> your apology is accepted with
JH> thanks.

And your acceptance received with gratitude :-)