22 September 2008

Subterranean intertextual adventures

In an emailed comment, Julie Heyward (of Unreal Nature site and parallel Unreal Nature blog – always two best uses of my time) points me to an article in relation to yesterday's Interdigitated fiction post.

The article is "Fanshawe's Ghost", by J M Tyree, in the New England Review: "...about the weaving of the same name of a character by successive writers. I'm sure you can think of examples of writers slyly inserting names/characters/behaviors etc. from earlier writers (and tiresomely from the Greek myths)."

Ms Hayward takes as her email title a deliciously inviting phrase from within its body: "subterranean intertextual adventures", and I keep it as my post title here.

I can do no better that to pass on the recommendation that you read it. (That she just "happened to be reading" it is, by the way, typical of her breadth and depth. like Ray Girvan, she puts me to shame with the sheer astonishing volume and quality of what she does, knows, encompasses and achieves.)

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