05 January 2009

A shady peep-show

Everyone has said that I might go
'Cos my red suitcase and my Ray-Bans
Weren't quite so...*

Psst ... wanna see something nobody, but nobody, has ever seen before?

Here it is: me, as an adult, wearing sunglasses.

I have, on a couple of occasions, worn sunglasses by way of experiment to see if I really dislike the experience as much as I think I do ... and the answer is always "yes". Perhaps forty minutes of my life has been spent in such experiment. About ten of those minutes were in my childhood, and may have been witnessed by my parents or other adults. The rest have been in private. So, the above link fabricates for you a unique experience...

*Tanita Tikaram, "World outside your window" on Ancient heart. 1988, WEA. 2292438772.