14 February 2009

Eating in a hungry world

Though an uncompromising nonbeliever myself, I'm not deaf to the wisdom of others who frame their ethics in faith terms. For that reason, I usually find the BBC's "Thought for the day" slot worth listening to. To quote the BBC:

"A unique reflection from a faith perspective on topical issues and news events. Speakers from across the world’s major faiths offer a spiritual insight rooted in the theology of their own tradition."

It doesn't always deliver, but an investment of three minutes is a small price to pay for the many times when it does.

Akhandadhi Das, in particular, is usually excellent value. So is Rabbi Lionel Blue, who also provides a bonus in the form of good jokes. Both of them, and others besides, enlarge my humanity.

Today's thought came from Canon Lucy Winkett (of St Paul's cathedral, in London. It was interesting throughout, starting from the calorific and locomotion requirements of Homo neanderthalensis , passing through reference to Valentine's Day excess, and finishing with the observation which caught me to spark this post: "eating is a moral issue in a hungry world".

When it becomes available, I'll add a link to the MP3 file download. Here, after a delay of a week because something happened at the BBC's site, is the player link.

Response to events like the Isra'eli assault on Gaza should not obscure the ongoing, everyday violence inflicted on a majority of our world ... of which hunger is both a significant component and an avoidable foundation.