21 March 2009

Brownie diary (2)

Here we go. First result from the Brownie.

Not exactly inspiring, as an image, I have to confess. But then, nor were my first pictures taken with it ... of course, I was only eight years old the first time round and I can't claim the same excuse now.

Only one aperture (measures at f/12) and one shutter speed (seems to be around 1/50 second, at a guess) unless you go for the "B" setting (shutter stays open as long as you hold the button down). The rest is down to exposure latitude.

Lots of sploshing around of chemicals in the dark. Since I'm working with hand trimmed sheet, a spiral is out of the question; the tank would make a perfectly serviceable drum processor if rolled around on its side, but I prefer to start with happy memories of the dish processing basement days before I had even a makeshift proper darkroom.

Still and all ... it's an image, and I'm absurdly pleased with it.

I've had an email from Martin Edwards, who pointed me to a potential source of 620 film and may possibly have a spool for me.

Isn't it exciting?