13 March 2009

The dark bagel thoughts of Darius Sayle

They're at it again. Dr C, JSBlog, Dr C, Unreal Nature, Dr C, Unreal Nature, all that lot. Playing silly games I don't understand. Sniggering at me. Hmph.

I never loved Vanessa Bell
Who fed me with her pumpkin pie:
Her 2B pencil, sharpened well,
Was poked too often in my hide!

I've prepared a poisoned bagel
Buttered well on both its sides.
Never mind a kung fu sandal:
Leave that to David Carradine!

I never sang a sweet gazal
To gently soothe the savage breast
But I held a pointy pencil
To poke an unsuspecting guest!

Heh heh heh ... they'll be soon be laughing on the other side of their toast ...