18 May 2009

Just one sequence after another...

Synchronicity again.

Having written yesterday about sequences, I dropped in this morning on the new one week exhibition at Photographique (to anyone passing within reach of Bristol, UK, I recommend a visit).

There I found Martin Edwards' "multisequence" piece (my word, not his): an assembly of numerous frame sequences into a single matrix. That's it, on the left. Unlike my deliberately selected frames, Martin has gone for automated timing as he walks around the city.

Also in the show was an assembled single frame sequence (above) by Shell Lawrence in which temporally separate images of a street artist are overlaid semitransparently on the totality of the work he's creating.

The size at which they are shown on this page does neither piece justice; both will expand to a better view if double clicked.

While at Photographique, stop off on the entrance level to look at Judith Acland's intriguing "A fisheye view".

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Acerone said...

It's great to find posts like this - Im down around that gallery tomorrow and probably wouldn't have taken the detour to pop in. But certainly will now...
Thanks for the heads up - it looks like an interesting show.