03 June 2009

What's in a name.

I collect evocative names.

Unreal Nature's mention (Adolf Fudge) of some choice examples gives me a thin excuse to drop some of my all time favourites (all of them ex students):

  • Bonnie Bees
  • Trevor Cheese
  • Bob Down
  • Alexander Napoleon Leach
  • Penny Mint
  • Edna Rockett

If any of those people are reading this, be assured that I am not mocking: your names have brought unalloyed delight, and I treasure them.

Long ago, at a school where there were many child victims of parental pretention, I knew:

  • Valkyrie Smith
  • Truth Verity

Then, of course, there was...


Julie Heyward said...

The Jockey Club does not allow you to register a thoroughbred with any kind of naughtiness in the name. Which, of course, causes people to try to beat the system. One well-known example was Hoof Hearted. [YouTube link]

Poor Pothecary said...

Alexander Napoleon Leach

One of my half-brothers is called Karl Marx Coombes.

On the quaintness scale: my grandmother had a friend called Molly Trivet, and Clare's aunt's best friends were Winkie Day and Patience Clotworthy.