17 July 2009

Quote, unquote


The Obama administration has demonstrated a new commitment to engagement across the Middle East, not least with the highly significant Cairo speech (see International Security Monthly Briefing, May 2009. The Obama Cairo Speech – Context and Implications). At a general level this represents a significant change from the policies of the Bush administration. However, in all three countries – Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan – there are difficulties ahead. How the Obama administration is able to handle them will be a strong indication of its commitment [my emphasis]. There may well be a willingness to maintain efforts at dialogue with Iran, while accepting that US influence in Iraq is going to have to diminish. It is perhaps Afghanistan, along with Pakistan, that will represent the greatest challenge for the administration.

  • Paul Rogers, P., Arc of conflict. International Security Monthly Briefing 2009. 08(2) [full text web link]

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