11 July 2009

A thing of twofold beauty

I can, and should, learn much about sound financial management from Daniel, age nine.

Amongst other things, he always studies and weighs all options carefully before spending his money.

At his school fête, for example, he toured every stall and stand to examine what enjoyment and value were to be derived from each. Only when this survey was complete did he begin revisiting a small number of selected candidates and considering how best to deploy the £5 which he had been given to spend.

I can also learn much from him about warm generosity of spirit.

After some time, and with only £2 of his carefully husbanded reserves remaining, he spent 70p to buy me a piece of jade. He did this simply because, in conversation, I commented on its beautiful colour. He didn't buy it immediately; in fact he gave no sign of having noticed my comment; he slipped back afterwards, bought it, kept it in his pocket, and handed it quietly to me later. Already a thing of beauty, it became infinitely precious.


Carrie said...

I absolutely LOVE this, Felix. Bless his little heart (and as Dan's mother I can vouch that this is so true of his character) - what a gorgeous stone and beautiful photograph of it (of course!)

Carrie x

Dr. C. said...

Daniel sounds like he might be destined to be a scientist. I hope so. He is certainly not jaded.

Clarissa Vincent said...

- Infinitely precious - a wonderful appreciation of a well thought out gift.