06 September 2009

Belated solidarity

Though it was published three months ago, I'm afraid I have only just read Solidar's Briefing paper #11.

If you haven't yet read it either, in my opinion it's worth getting a round to.

...before the fall of Lehman Brothers and the jitters on Wall Street, the developing world was already suffering from a massive lack of affordable food and fuel. In addition, the challenges of climate change, HIV/AIDS and the attainment of almost all of the Millennium Development Goals were already combining to make an urgent revision of our economic modus operandi a necessity. The latest financial crisis, its impact on the real economies of developing and developed countries alike and the strain this will put on aid budgets have transformed this from an urgent task to an urgent necessity.

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Anonymous said...

Geoffrey dares to say

Wouldn't it be nice
IF the armed man
lay down his tools
IF the designer of such
evil implements would turn to
giving food and love
There is enough for all
there are not too many souls
for kindess

AND wouldn't it be nice
IF the man in the dress
walked naked
of mind
If fear of gODD
was not
IF only the blinds
were lifted