26 October 2009


I was led to Riley and his story by a post on Unreal Nature, and spent several hours there or with the downloaded PDF. I spent some of that time crying.

Since I am stealing Julie's discovery, I'll make an exception and not give a reference to the site; you can get there via her post: "Concrete reality".


Just over a month later I posted the above, the balance of obligations has changed.

For the long term, here is the URL for Riley and his story:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks Felix, for the comments. Monica Haller (The Artist behind the project) is continuing to capture soldiers' stories in an ongoing series of workshops. This workshop is intense and was pretty overwhelming for me, but it presented an amazing platform for me to gather my thoughts and put them on paper. Any soldiers/vets who have the opportunity to work with her are very, very lucky.

- Riley Sharbonno