18 December 2009

Friday crumpet blogging


Julie Heyward said...

Best movie ever! Awesome suspense!

[Do crumpets really weigh as much as that one sounds like it does?]

Felix said...

JH> [Do crumpets really weigh as much
JH> as that one sounds like it does?]

I can't speak for all crumpets, and that one is of course no longer available for examination.

However ... one of its siblings from the same batch has just been hustled from its packet and put to the fire.

Before toasting: 45 grammes.
After toasting: 39 grammes.

Clarissa said...

I anticipate a 17 second video series on YouTube, embedded into The Growlery, to complement the Today series. Crabs, crumpets, little snatches of sound, oh I like it so much I'm almost tempted...

Dr. C said...

I understand the bidding is out for the sequel. There are those of us who can't wait, who bite our nails endlessly in anticipation. Will it be Jam? Or will it be curds and whey? The line (Q?) extends out the door and around the block. (is grammes really grammatical?)