01 January 2010

This electronic life

Steve Wheeler, of Learning with ‘e’s, is always worth reading. I don't always agree with him ... in fact, disagree as often as agree ... but that's OK: if I always agreed, it'd be a lot less stimulating. His first post of the new year (and, he would say, of a new decade: one area where we disagree), "2010: the year when we fake contact", looks critically at one of the downsides to social networking. This is unusual for him: like me (though with differences) he is an evangelist for ICT as a platform of personal learning environments in the widest possible sense. Nothing is pure positive, however, and reflecting on how to get the best while minimising the worst is essential in any area of life ... social networking not excepted.

While on the subject of Learning with ‘e’s I should recommend the recent series of summaries which closed the old year, charting the rapid mycelial spread of personal electronic communications through our lives in the past ten years. They are, in sequence:

  1. Networked noughties 2000-2002
  2. Networked noughties 2003-2005
  3. Networked noughties 2006-2009
  4. Noughties ... but nice

The last is a separate entry, but its inclusion seems appropriate to me.

I dislike the label "noughties" ... but, I confess, have failed to come up with an alternative. Perhaps we are embarking on the tweenies...

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