20 February 2010

More futures

Just as I posted "Less food for more future", a new VIVID post popped up.

Whether you see the connection will depend on where you're coming from; to me it's clear and present, but that's not essential to my point. That point is: read "Divided and resolved" and think about what it says to you. What that might be will be different for everyone; but if its self questioning doesn't say anything ... well, I'll be surprised.


Jim Putnam said...

Thanks for pointing me to this. I've read it, saw glimpses of my thinking in it, but they were too vague and brief.

I join you in hoping that's not his last post. It has startled me into thoughtful consideration, and I don't think startled is overly strong.


Dr. C said...

Surely no one can be high on activism all the time. He'll be back. Once hooked its like an addiction. Otherwise, who cares?