14 February 2010

Valentine's day

In my "other voices" list are three blogs which, to me if not to their authors, have something in common.

AcerOne and Slinkachu both describe their work as street art. Martin Sobey does not, but putting his work out in the urban environment to erode gives him a link in my own taxonomy of perception. I'm not much one for labels; but if pushed, I would describe all three as "intervention artists" .

I'll come back to this (unless I forget, or get swept along by the rush of life...) in other posts. For now, I'll just say that I'm delighted to have been given a copy of Slinkachu's book Little people in the city.

  • Slinkachu, Little people in the city : the street art of Slinkachu. 2008, London: Boxtree. 9780752226644


Acerone said...

Slinkachu is an awesome artist - im very inspired by his attention to detail. I feel like im in one of his pictures every time i visit London...

Julie Heyward said...

Slinkachu reminds me a lot of Walter Martin and Paloma Nunoz.