07 March 2010

Fire up the eggmobile...

This morning I received one of those endlessly forwarded emails; in this case, a claimed experiment showing that the radiation from two cellphones can hard boil an egg in 65 minutes:

Snopes confirms the immediate suspicion that this is a spoof (and not a new one, though I've not encountered it before). However, I was interested by the fact that it presents an easily repeatable experiment. How many people, I wondered, try it out?

Following the audit trail of headers (why do the senders of these emails never edit down the hundreds strong lists of email addresses that led the message to them?) shows that the mean time between receiving the email and sending it on is just over one minute, with a maximum of 11 minutes ... so clearly none of those people tried the experiment before sending the message onward.

Me? I'm considering it, just to practice what I preach ... though the cost of a 65 minute cellphone call is giving me pause for thought.

Going back to the email, I particularly loved this closing line: ..always try to use your cell phone from left ear. Right ear cells are directly goes to brain...

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