02 April 2010


When I was taking what was to became today's Today picture (see below), on a new housing estate, a group of children (perhaps ten years old) were coming up the alleyway to my right. I clicked the shutter, stood up, and headed down to alley to continue my walk. As I came close to the children, one of them asked “What were you doing?”

“Taking pictures” I replied, economically.

“Of the puddle?'”

“Of what I could see in the puddle. Of the reflections, the clouds and the sky.”

I walked on. Glancing back, though, I saw that they had stopped on the spot where I had squatted down to get my shot; they were looking at the puddle. I stopped, and went back.

I touched the preview button on the back of the camera (oh, the advantages of digital over film!) to throw my image onto the LCD screen, and held it out in above the puddle where it could be compared with the real world in front of them.

All of their faces lit up with sudden understanding; and one of them glowed with excitement and perception of why. Those expressions in general, and that one in particular, are every "teacher"s favourite dream and greatest reward.


Julie Heyward said...

That's a great picture. I love how the brick pattern forces you to be aware of the over/under in the puddle.

I also love your description of your interaction with the kids. (If that had been me, when I "touched the preview button" they might have seen a picture of my shoe. I guess the "why" could be something to do with self perception ...)

Felix said...

JH> ...the over/under in the puddle.

Funny you should say that ... it intersects with something I've been mulling over. With luck, I'll post something in a day or so.

JH> ... they might have seen a picture
JH> of my shoe.

RoFL :-)

Julie Heyward said...
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