01 May 2010

Beating the bounds, again

Amongst the responses to "Beating the bounds" came an email from someone whose opinion I value, who disagreed with my separation of "observation" and "people watching" pictures.

I was interested in the 'boundaries' post, and saw boundaries in the conversation triptych too, but not so much visual ones as interpersonal ones.

Which is interesting, and I hope to hear more. It has helped to keep me wearing the boundary spectacles, and seeking to see outside the boundaries of my vision, when looking at what I do...

The same person also sent me an intriguing poem written by his daughter, which envisaged a fence not only as a boundary but as “a gateway of sorts” – which has drawn me into a whole new territory of introspection and bounds beating, not to mention pulling down Ursula K Le Guin's Threshold from the bookshelves yet again.

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