15 May 2010

When the temperature sinks, think pink

Today my friend Niamh, five year old grand daughter of colleague Seán, gave me a present. She chose it herself, and bought with her own money.

I am now the proud owner of the only pair of Barbie ankle warmers in my circle of acquaintance. In the year ahead, nobody will be cosier or pinker than I.


Ray Girvan said...


Julie Heyward said...

Looks like you'll be needing the old potato peeler again. [see comments]

Dr. C said...

If they fit about your ankles you may be in for a
strange experience
. Do you have have tattoos too? Imagine poor Barbie having to remove these when she's 40 (Oh, she is closer to 59 now!)

Geoff said...

wear them today
and make
the passer by
and wonder why

Ge said...

No one has ever given me pink ankle warmers. A much used Stretch Armstrong, yes, but not pink ankle warmers. I envy you!