16 June 2010


Today's read, in a single sitting on an early morning bus ride, was Bellwether: yet another in the growing number of books which found their way onto my shelves via recommendation from The conscience pudding.

As one who is drawn into research always by delight in curiosity and love of the work itself, I find Bellwether's protagonist Sandra Foster irresistible. As one whose love of statistics is born of wonder, but who is always aware of teetering on the brink of the ridiculous, I enjoyed being invited to laugh at myself. As one who gloomily deplores fashion as a social evil, I warmed to the oblivious Bennett – but also to the infuriating victim, Flip. Peripheral characters such as the unexpectedly insightful Peyton, inventing symbologies in her time out, were a delight too; as were the sheep – ovine, human and bureaucratic.

Most of all, though, I revelled in a fun read: deep and meaningful is important, but we also need fun. And, apparently, Romantic Bride Barbie dolls...

Thank you, as always, Watoosa

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Watoosa said...

I'm so glad you found this book as delightful as I did!