29 August 2010

Conversation overheard

One eleven year old boy to another:

"The next thing to work on, fishface, is your tail."

Don't ask me what it means; it just made me laugh.


Acerone said...

I like it - and will remember it for an occasion when a witty put down is needed! Excellent.

Here is one from my 9 year old niece which had me laughing all weekend -

Ella - "You have to be careful when putting water on the camp fire because it might make the fire worse"

Me - "Well im not sure that is true, water will always put out fire"

Ella - "It depends on what sort of water"

Geoff said...

Overheard through my kitchen window where Hugh was doing some gardening for me.
5 year old Garry asked Hugh a question
No answer.
Garry: "Hugh what..........."
No reply.
Garry with some exasperation "HU....GH....what......"
Hugh: "Sorry Garry, I was miles away."
Garry: " No you weren't, you were there all the time."