05 August 2010

Word and image

At the end of last year, just before Christmas, street artist AcerOne paid tribute to a homeless man on his "patch": a human acknowledgement that too few people make.

In today's post, "A bear lived here", he adds another, physical world, memorial ... and records a poem, I'm no con, written by someone for whom he obviously felt great respect, admiration and affection. "It is" (writes AcerOne) " a beautiful example of how Bear viewed the injustices he faced in his everyday life and a perfect reflection of the charming fella I spoke to that day - amusing, thoughtful, intelligent and tragic." Make sure you stay long enough to find it.

There are a lot of amazing people in the world; and a lot of broken ones. The first group are too often missed, the second too often ignored. They can very often be the same people.

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