02 September 2010

Windows of opportunity

Today, according to a Buddhist calendar note in my diary, is an Auspicious Haircutting Day.

On the other hand, so is Sunday, when I'd planned to do it anyway...


Zainab Talu said...

Considering how little you have remaining, can the cutting of it ever be auspicious? :-)

Ray Girvan said...

I'm sorry to confess that I'm quite manipulative about haircuts. Clare cuts my hair very well, but we always have to go through the following exchange:

Me: "My hair's getting a bit long; I think I'll have it cut this lunchtime."
Clare: "Where?"
Me: "local expensive hairdresser."
Clare: "Their prices are exorbitant."
Me: "Oh, then I'll go to the barber at downmarket part of Exeter".
Clare: "No, you'll come back looking like Bruce Willis."
Me: (ominously) "I'll cut it myself, then."
Clare: "NO! Get the scissors."

Geoff said...

I used to have a home visit from a lovely lady hairdresser and she would charge me, Geoffrey, £8 for a trim. She charged Heidi the same monies.
We now go to her "salon" where the price for me is the same but for her £14 ! So when
Buddha manifests as a girl/woman/lady what will he make of that I wonder?

Felix said...

Zainab: the less I have, the more imperative it is to keep what is left looking tidy! :-)

Ray: What's it worth not to send this comment to Clare? [grin] One of the few advantages of having so little left, and consequently keeping it very short, is that I can now very easily do it myself with a quick whizz of an electric buzzing thingumy...

Geoff: Buddha will, if so reincarnated, no doubt conclude that life is (as he always said) pain! (But, being a Buddha, he has escaped the reincarnation cycle so can hang out with the 23 other buddhas in nirvana, congratulating himself on achieved freedom from hairdressers' fees!)