23 October 2010


I don't have anything original to say on the subject, and certainly nothing worth stopping to listen to, but it's necessary (in however small and insignificant way) to stand and be counted ... so ... I applaud what Wikileaks has done today.

There is never any such thing as an unmitigated good but, despite all freely acknowledged reservations and messy grey moral fogs, I do believe that releasing of truth is, in this case at least, the best available route through ambient evils.

Wikileaks ORG: Recording Casualties of Armed Conflict

Iraq Body Count

...and, while I'm about it...



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Dr. C said...

To me, the problem is accountability. Why has there been none? Donald Rumsfeld still lives down the road from me in a house termed "Mount Misery." (Before 1860, the owner (Edward Covey) was known as a man who could "break" negro slaves. Frederick Douglass was one subjected to this man's discipline. Apparently Douglass fought back and was no longer beaten by Covey. There are a lot of Covey's that still live around here.)
In any case, absolutely nothing has been done about the fact that Donald Rumsfeld is clearly a war criminal. Its as if the Iraq War had never happened. However, our experience with Vietnam suggests that there is an undercurrent that will rise up and do much damage if we don't confront it now.
BTW I just finished the novel by Robert Harris "The Ghost." Not the best writer in the world but the plot is interesting.