23 November 2010

Fifty poems to be read, recited, or worn as a hat

Two of the "other voices" in The Growlery's left hand column (Jungle igloo and Cabbagefactory) air the delightfully idiosyncratic poems of Martin Brown.

In September this year, Brown published a small book of his poems: Shake, rattle & custard!

It's available from various sources, including most large bookshops and Amazon.

One way and another, it took a while for me to catch up and get a copy, but I have it now and am pleased as punch with it.

It's been travelling around with me in my bag for the past week, "fifty poems to be read, recited, or worn as a hat" as it says on the cover, pulled out and dipped into at frequent odd moments.

Thoroughly recommended.

  • Martin Brown, Shake, rattle & custard! 2010, Coventry: Pressbutton Press. 978-0956658401.

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