26 March 2011

Shades of Mona

Though I am generally pretty black and white in my attitude to most military conflicts, the aerial interdiction of Libyan government forces attacking secessionist populations is a different case. Here are endless shades of grey.

It was in that frame of mind that I made an unscheduled visit to the Imperial War Museum in Manchester ... a place about which I am also ambivalent.

Leaving behind the displays, I walked up the enclosed concrete stairs of the AirShard and along the bridge for its view out over Salford Quays.

The bridge brought me, vividly but in appropriately monochrome tones, to thoughts of Mona Hatoun's sculptural installation work.


Geoff said...

from far above in clear blue sky
in name of queen and country
they the brave
the remote
the remote controlled
let loose
their load
in my throat
at their shameful behaviour
but not
in my name

Julie Heyward said...

Andrew Sullivan has been puzzling over Sarah Palin's description of this war as a "squirmish." One of his readers wrote in:

"I, for one, can only admire the daring brilliance of Palin's plan. Get Qaddafi out on the flutney and beat his brains out with our frullips, while the little madman is trying to figure out what the point of the pointless game is." [as seen here.]

[I am in favor of the intervention.]