23 April 2011


Highlight of the day: discovering the "highlight of the day" taglines in email sigs from Clarissa Vincent (author of The voyage of Storm Petrel).

For example:

Highlight of the day: A pair of orange tip butterflies enjoying the new herb growth along the path.

Highlight of the day: Butter bean and tuna with fried garlic, onion and ginger, with rice.

Highlight of the day: Using the fan heater, on cold setting, for a change.

Highlight of the day: River path walk with Loba.

“I wanted something with the shortness of Twitter”, she says, by way of explanation, “but without the crassness.”

I've seen (and used) many variations on the sig tagline, from the utilitarian to the surreal, but I like the upbeat simplicity of this one.

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