06 May 2011

In the heart of the storm

In the heart of the storm seems an appropriate title for Ray Girvan's latest post, in which he covers the most recent step in his self-set Odyssey through the entire output of Maxwell Gray.

Not just to read, either; to track down, first. And all of this for an author who frequently (see, as one example, A plea for the silence of the novelist) manages to exasperate him. And then to document the journey in fascinating detail for armchair travellers like myself. He originally described this as a project for 2010 ... while the timescale has expanded in practice, it's still both intensive and impressive.

Oh, I have often enough read the entire output of an author ... but never with Ray's combination of intellectual discipline and tenacity. When I think of such a project, my heart quails and I am full of admiration.

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