03 June 2011

How she brought the nightmare from Wasilla to DC

Gayle Reynolds just flagged up for me (under the email subject line "When is her 15 minutes up?") Sarah Palin's confused notion of Paul Revere's midnight ride.

I have to confess a stab of sympathy (my first ever) for the increasingly bizarre Ms Palin since I always found it difficult, at school, to separate the rides of Paul Revere, Dick Turpin, John Gilpin, and the good news from Ghent to Aix. (Not to mention, much later in my life, deceased minuteman Mudsy Muddlemore, the Funky Phantom...)

Alas ... nowhere is it written that being confused and bizarre will prevent someone from attaining great political power.


Gayle said...

Felix, if that woman becomes president or gains more power, we're moving in with you!!! In fact, if I see her face or hear her voice much longer I'll be there even sooner. Clear out your attic, please.

Dr. C said...

I hear she's riding her Harley Hog to Aix.

Felix said...

Good to hear from you, Dr.C!