05 July 2011

Maple 15

Having gone all out, over several releases, to develop a graphically ‘pencil and paper’ face for its CAS, Maple now has a polished smart worksheet interface which no longer changes in obvious ways between versions. Developments are now made behind the scenes, allowing an existing user to pick up the latest manifestation and use it without any pause to acclimatise.

A command line option remains available, and popular with many experienced Maple users. The ‘classic’ worksheet, however, has taken a back seat, documented as ‘a basic worksheet environment for older computers with limited memory’ and present in 32-bit, but not 64-bit, installations. The graphic calculator interface, so useful for quick scratchpad explorations, remains for all Windows users. Consideration has been given to making the best use of small netbook screens, and the whole package continues to run responsively and well on all systems. [more...]

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