02 October 2011

Act of god

The dean of Christchurch Cathedral, New Zealand, this morning, made an observation which reminds me of the views expressed, from time to time, in Jim Putnam's former TTMF blog.

The earthquake is not an act of God; it's the planet, doing what the planet does. The act of God is the response of people to the results of the earthquake.

As a nonbeliever, it's probably arrogant of me to express an opinion about believer's views of the world ... but that is one which I can, even from my very different viewpoint, understand, accept, and admire.

He was commenting in the context of plans for a new cardboard cathedral, designed by Shigeru Ban to replace the one demolished by earthquake in February of this year.

  • Sunday, BBC Radio 4. Sunday 2nd October 2011.

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