25 October 2011

More acid drops

It seems to be a drug fuelled (textually, that is; not literally unless you count caffeine) week at the Growlery.

The day before yesterday, I wrote in passing of Aldous Huxley's experiments with perception alteration through use of mescaline and other substances. Today, entirely without connection to my last two posts, of which she was unaware, my friend Agnieszka has (in an entirely separate cultural research context) just sent me an email full of information on similar experiments by the artist and philosopher Witkacy. Using everything from coffee to peyote (the principle psychoactive compound in which is mescaline), Witkacy documented his explorations partly in visual art marked with coded notation.

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Geoff Powell said...

When asked what drugs he took Salvador Dali replied "Drugs? I am my drug"