04 December 2011

Joining up the dismal dots

In view of the recent raised temperature in diplomatic relations between the west (particularly Britain) and Iran, I'm suddenly less certain of my belief that there is no appetite for yet another disastrous war. Not just any old war, either, but one which will geographically connect up the existing errors of arrogant misjudgment in Iraq and Afghanistan into one continuous mess.

In view of which, I've just been back to re-read Paul Rogers' ORG briefing last month, The long-term consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran, well worth reading in full, which concludes in part that...

... an Israeli attack on Iran would be the start of a protracted conflict that would be unlikely to prevent the eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran and might even encourage it. This would be in addition to the extensive instability and unpredictable security consequences for the region and the wider world. ... ... ... the consequences of a military attack on Iran are so serious that ... ... ... war is not an option in responding to the difficult issue of Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

  • Paul Rogers, The long-term consequences of an Israeli attack on Iran. ORG International Security Briefings, 2011(2011-11).

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Geoff said...

As usual, my response to the immaturity of my fellow humans is;
please grow up,
throw all your superstitions
and fears away,
learn to be strong
and to live
without a god
( a useful tool for the users of the scared )
be kind
stop the greed
there is nothing to fear but fear
It is difficult
yet simple
but worth the effort