09 December 2011

Ungrudging admiration

I've just been feeding on some of my personal favourite fine photographs, as I often do, marvelling at what others have done.

This portrait (Abshiro Aden Mohammed, Women's leader, Somali refugee camp, Dagahaley, Kenya. 2000) by Fazal Sheikh is one of them.

I love its uncompromising, confrontational honesty, calm dignity, assured assertion of equality. The photographer's visually courageous decision to slice depth of field right down to a narrow zone embracing those indomitable eyes and cheekbones (allowing nose and lips to blur) moves the image up a level from merely wonderful to superb.

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Clarissa said...

I put this blog entry on my Facebook wall (in an attempt to frighten away some of the crasser denizens of that site). I put the portrait photograph as an upload, instead of showing the 'Share to Facebook' thumbnail which would not have such effect.