07 January 2012

Conversation overheard

Man on bicycle, talking into cellphone:

Well, she says it's stress, but ... what can you do in a bedroom, that's stressful?


Geoff said...

I can vouch for the fact that it is easily done; but they shall remain secret, between the ladies and me!

Vanessa said...

This had me laughing out loud, literally (really literally).

It also inspired me to go back through all the posts here tagged 'conversations overheard,' meaning I just giggled and chortled my way through an entire cup of tea. What a fabulous way to end a week. Thank you, for your keen ear and your generosity with its discoveries!

By the way, I read more of your posts than you'd know: I'm deeply rubbish at getting around to commenting. So, while I'm here, thank you for your insights and observations under lots of other tags too. I find The Growlery a valuable retreat, guaranteed to provide a surprise, a nugget of wisdom, an amusing distraction or an absorbing question to ponder (or all of the above). Note to self: must make more effort to acknowledge that when I visit!