01 January 2012

When is education not education...?

I had a conversation with my nephew, the day before yesterday, which has left me thoughtful.

For as long as anyone can remember, he has had a passion for archæology.

In October, he started a degree course which included archæology.

He has now lost all his interest in archæology.

This is a sad story, but not unique. How often do we kill rather than nourish the passion for our subjects? I've experienced versions of it myself, in my own life when younger; I fear I've also, inadvertently, done it to others.

Talking to my nephew, asking questions born of living on this side of the education fence and listening for the subtexts below his replies, what I heard was a tale not of the subject itself letting him down but of the delivery extinguishing his passion. Which gives me much to think about, as I get ready to return from the winter break.

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Ray Girvan said...

I can understand the feeling; I considerably went off geology at university - mainly because I went to Cambridge, which had insufficient local geology (the odd chalk and clay pit) to provide much fieldwork interest.