28 January 2012

A wordle in your ear

These days, it seems, everyone who is anyone must have a Wordle (especially if they are to any extent involved in education) and some of my readers have been pointedly commenting on my lack of this essential accessory.

So, here is a wordle based on a recent atom feed from The Growlery (as always, click it you want to see a larger view).

Interestingly, "Ray" of JSB fame appears prominently but not "Girvan" ... the queen of Unreal Nature, on the other hand, reverses this with "Heyward" immediately spottable but not "Julie". why that should be, I've been too lazy to investigate ... Dr C (but without the "C") nestles between the "T" and the "o" of the word "Toss".

Update, 2012/01/29: Just to show what an exciting life I lead ... this is a Wordle compiled not from text but from the first ten thousand digits of π.

Tomorrow, the heady delights of the exponential function, e... [only joking]

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